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Use of cookies and other technologies:

watertds.com uses cookies, pixels or local storage, to help provide you with a better service. These are used on our website, APIs, email notifications, and ads. We use them to enable you to log you into our website, perform account management, personalize content including ads and external content you see, protect your account.

What are cookies, pixels, and local storage?

Cookies are small files that we store on your computer when you visit our website. Like other websites, we use cookies to enhance your experience by determining how you use our service.

A pixel is an image on a web page or in an email. Like other services, we utilize pixels to learn whether you opened our email or used our web service.

Local storage is an industry-standard technology that allows us to store small amount of information on your device. This data is used to enhance your experience by customizing what you see based on your past interaction with our website.

Why does our website use these?

Our website uses them to deliver relevant content, analyze, and improve our services in many ways. The use generally falls into one of the following:

To log you into our website. To help detect and fight spam or other abuse.

To remember your preferences, example your language preference, your time zone.

To help personalize content. Example, to help you explore new features of our service or to make easy to perform repetitive tasks.

For Advertising: To help us deliver relevant ads or other content that may be helpful to you. Measure the effectiveness of the ads served. We work with partners like Google to deliver ads.

For Analytics: We store log files on our server and coupled with cookies, pixels and local storage we  analyze what content, features or page works effectively for different metrics. We also use Google Analytics to aggregate what pages users visit on our website.

What are my privacy options?    

We are committed to providing you with options for your privacy choices. Here are the options from us and third parties. watertds.com does not store any information in cookies or local storage that can identify you. We use Google Analytics. You can opt out of this service by installing Google’s opt-out browser add –on. You can also opt out of interest based ads from Google using Ads Setting.

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