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Real Time Water Quality in Belleville, Wisconsin

Currently there are no TDSBots in Belleville, Wisconsin, hence data is not available
TDS [Total Dissolved Solids] [ppm] is used worldwide as the standard for gauging water quality. Typically higher the TDS the more contaminants are in the water. Whether we live in or planning to move to Belleville, Wisconsin we would like to know if drinking tap water is safe, is the water hard, etc.
Be the first to install a TDSBot on your Reverse Osmosis Water filter system in Belleville, Wisconsin. You will have peace of mind knowing your water purifier is being monitored 24/7, and that you have safe and healthy water. The community will also start to see water quality in your city. We offer a 30 % refund on one TDSBot purchase price. *

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As an example the Water Quality for Los Angeles, California is
Daily: 141 ppm   Weekly: 139 ppm

City water in Los Angeles, California

Water Quality – TDS (ppm)

Daily Water Temperature

Do you know the water quality in Belleville, Wisconsin? Is it safe to drink?

Water is getting contaminated all over the world including that of Belleville, Wisconsin. In USA, the EPA mandates water boards to comply with its standards. The water boards do their best to do, but the number of contaminants tested is limited and also infrequently. With increasing viruses, bacteria, PFA’s, micro-plastics, nitrates, pesticides, endocrine disruptors heavy metals like lead, radioactive waste it is very difficult and expensive to test water every day for all the contaminants.

Health studies show that the levels of contaminants should be much lower than in the standards.

We sincerely believe that water should be filtered to get rid of harmful contaminants from drinking water in Belleville, Wisconsin. It is essential for you and your loved ones’ health.

There are many technologies available to choose from. They differ in what each one filters out. There are two kinds of commonly available filters – Activated Carbon and Reverse Osmosis systems. Others include UV, Micro, Ultra, Nano, and Ion Exchange filters. Reverse Osmosis water filter systems are the most widely used cost effective systems to remove these harmful contaminants effectively down to 0.0001 microns.

What water purifier to get for Belleville, Wisconsin?

Cost and effectiveness of removing contaminants vary between filter types – Activated Carbon, and Reverse Osmosis water filters. 

Active Carbon + Sediment filter + UV. Products vary from pitchers to other forms.  They reduce - Bacteria, VOCs, Giardia Cyst, Crypto Sporidium, Dyes, Some PFA's, Taste and Odor, Lead, Mercury. Cannot remove contaminants such as - viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals. Lowest cost

Reverse Osmosis. Table top and under the sink. They remove  All contaminants removed by Activated Carbon plus - Arsenic, Lead, Chromium, Endocrine disruptors, Nitrates, Pesticides, Herbicides, Heavy Metal ions, Radioactive ions, Micro-plastics, PFAs. Higher cost.

What do we do? How do we help?

All manufacturers of water purifiers use TDS [Total Dissolved Solids] [ppm] as the standard for gauging water quality. WaterTDS Inc. has developed an inexpensive water quality meter for most RO systems.  Our system monitors and provides Incoming and Outgoing TDS levels, temperature, flow rate and cumulated volume of water filtered. Key benefits:

  • Know the quality of water in real time in Belleville, Wisconsin.
  • Know the volume of water filtered by day, week, month and total.
  • Know in advance when to change filters. Too often we tend to realize that the filter needs changing after the filter has stopped working or worse, when the water smells bad.
  • Change filters only when needed. Sometimes filters perform longer than their standard life due to better incoming water or lower usage. Reduce waste and possibly save money.

How to use the water quality data in Belleville, Wisconsin? There are several ways it may help you
  • In deciding what kind of water filter system to get for your home or business in Belleville, Wisconsin.
  •  If the Water TDS in your area is high – you may notice scaling in pipes & fixtures. Soap does not form suds. In case of very high TDS, hair loss may be an issue. Installing a water softener will help. 

Helping the residents of Belleville, Wisconsin and nearby communities.

There may or may not be TDSBots in Belleville, Wisconsin. We request you to install one on your Reverse Osmosis water filter system if you have one. The TDSBot will pay for itself in no time by – ensuring you are aware of the quality of water you consume, it may help you save money by changing filter cartridges only when they are needed to be replaced. On top of it, you will help the Belleville, Wisconsin community by sharing the Incoming water quality in your area which they can use for improving their health.

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* A definition specific to a few codes is that “Safe drinking water” means water that meets all primary and secondary drinking water standards. Drinking water standards are set based on potential health impacts and also take into account the cost to meet the drinking water standard. Also, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines drinking water as safe when humans can drink it with low risk of immediate or long-term harm to your health. Although there may be health risks associated with certain contaminants found in drinking water not all contaminants are necessarily harmful.
** Based on the data collected from the TDSBots installed in Los Angeles, California

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